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What is a Finance Concierge?

Everybody needs somebody that can help….your Finance Concierge functions as your concierge to anything with a dollar sign.

The founder of Finance Cape, Travis Jennings, has spent more than a decade traveling the country, getting to know financial professionals in their established fields and talking with their clients. As a result, we decided to build the financial concierge system. We understand what the top specialists provide — and we also understand the limitations that come with their advanced planning strategies.

As we begin to understand you and what your financial goals are, we help you grow, protect, enjoy, and safely transfer your wealth to your chosen heirs. We will help clarify your financial objectives and desires and provide the framework to help you obtain your goals. We will monitor your progress and make sure you are on a steady course to your own financial freedom and independence.

What is a fiduciary?
A fiduciary is a person or institution given the power to act on behalf of another in situations that require great trust, honesty and loyalty. Fiduciaries are hired to act in your best interest and must set aside personal motives and conflicts of interest in favor of pursuing the best outcome for your unique situation.
What is a fiduciary duty?
Also called “fiduciary obligation”, fiduciary duty is a legal obligation of a fiduciary to act in the best interest of a client. Many brokers and insurance agents call themselves “financial advisors” or “financial planners,” but they may not have a fiduciary duty and in fact may not be required to put your interests first. They represent themselves or their company. Rather than a legal responsibility to act in your best interest, they instead must only provide you with “suitable” financial products. This “suitability standard” is very broad and difficult to impose. Fiduciary duty is stricter than the suitability standard. It's not enough for them to just provide "suitable" recommendations. They must provide you with the best advice possible.
Why is it important that Finance Cape holds itself out as a fiduciary?

Finance Cape is an independent financial advisory firm that holds itself to a Fiduciary Standard which occupies a special trust and confidence when working with a client. A fiduciary is simply someone who represents your interests, even above their own interests. As a fiduciary, we are required to act with undivided loyalty to you as our client. This includes disclosure of how we are compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.

Not every financial advisor accepts this fiduciary duty. For example, some brokers are held to the much lower standard of suitability. This standard of care means an advisor need only suggest products that are suitable for your objectives and no disclosure is required for possible conflicts of interest. The introduction of compensation by commission also introduces a conflict with acting in your best interest first and foremost.

Why hasn’t my accountant brought this information to me?
While your CPA is great at what they do, accounting and proactive tax planning have completely different goals. That’s why our specialized service complements the work of your CPA so well. Your CPA or accountant is a trusted financial advisor, but these individuals do not have the training or specialized knowledge to provide you with these types of high-level tax reduction strategies.
How come I am hearing about these strategies for the first time.
You’re hearing about this strategy for the first time now because the majority of the tax industry is dedicated to simply ensuring your tax returns are properly prepared and filed, not reduced. Expecting your accountant to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in tax reduction strategies is like expecting in-depth information about brain surgery from your primary care doctor. On the other hand, all we do is tax reduction, so we’re aware of high-level strategies your accountant might not be.
Are these tax strategies legal?
Yes. Our Financial Blueprint blends multiple proven strategies and simply and ethically applies them to your specific business to help you save money on past, present, and future taxes. Every strategy and recommendation is guaranteed to be 100% above board and valid. In fact, you could learn the same common-sense strategies we use and apply them yourself if you wanted to!
This all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?
There’s no risk and no catch. After your initial no-obligation assessment, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step instruction manual and all the documentation your accountant or CPA needs to put our money-saving strategies into action immediately. If this still sounds too good to be true, watch our free video series to learn more about our proven tax reduction system.
Will this waive a red flag in front of the IRS?
No. Your custom tax plan recommendations are based off of the applicable IRS tax codes themselves. If anything, this service shifts you away from red flags while proactively using entity selection to reduce your risk of being audited.
How do you earn money from these strategies. What’s in this for you?
We offer value-based solutions, meaning the one-time fee we charge for our services is directly proportionate to the amount of savings we can generate for you. For example, if we can find you $12,000 in savings, we charge you $6,000 to produce the plan and you net $6,000 the first year. However, assuming nothing changes to your business or the tax code, our plan will continue boosting your bottom line and saving you the full $12,000 all subsequent years.
Can I tell others about this?
Absolutely. It’s our hope that you will share this valuable information with friends, family, and peers to bring more awareness to a gap in the accounting industry. If you find our money-saving tax solutions valuable, please spread the word to others.
Will you ever sell my information?
No. We will never openly share or sell your personal information to anyone! We take your privacy and trust very seriously and take all proper measures to keep your information secure.