Travis Jennings knows the value of studying and learning from those who’ve walked the path before him. He spent 10 years traveling across the country in the pursuit of the knowledge that’s led him to aggregate the most advanced tax and financial strategies he now shares with his clients. “This aggressive search for knowledge has equipped me with the tools to provide clients with the clarity they need to visualize their goals in High Definition,” he says.

Travis has a passion for training and teaching. He believes the key difference between those with wealth and those without it is the level of financial education and guidance they’ve received. To that end, he “pulls the curtain back” showing clients and those who attend his events all the nuts and bolts of how financial and investing products work, including their fee structures.

He’s unafraid to empower people with this information so they can never be taken advantage of. And he’s willing to train people to take charge of their investments, regardless of whether that results in deposits for Finance C.A.P.E., the company he founded in Wesley Chapel, Florida. As he says, “By raising the bar and knowing I can clear it, I trust that I can provide value above and beyond other financial advisors.”

Travis believes it’s important for people to learn how to interact with financial advisors and become educated on who they are, how they work and what to watch out for: “Once you know that, it becomes important to seek guidance from experts with a fiduciary standard and the necessary training to guide you through the rough waters of life.”

Travis and his team specialize in strategies for high net worth clients that include tax reduction, wealth creation and estate planning. They’re Finance Concierges with additional training beyond that of the typical advisor or accountant. They provide transparent, holistic solutions and softare systems to optimize clients’ current financial or tax blueprints.

The process starts with a “deep discovery” into each client’s unique situation. The result is a comprehensive, written financial plan that’s “stress-tested” through several market scenarios. This ensures clients know that, no matter what the future brings, their plan has the cushion and flexibility to navigate the road ahead.

Along with their three children, Travis and his wife, Ashley, live on a farm in Wesley Chapel, Florida. They have a full house (and yard) with two cats and two dogs, 50 chickens, 11 cows and two pigs. Besides spending time with his family, Travis enjoys reading, especially about astronomy and physics, boxing and playing basketball. He’s also the author of the forthcoming book, Pro-Fit To Profit.