Gino Collura is an entrepreneur, published author, social scientist, philanthropist, and life strategist. He has been featured as a keynote spokesman for nationally recognized companies with appearances on Fox News, CNN, ESPN, FX, History Channel, and several other networks. He is a leading contributor and PhD in the field of neuro-anthropology which combines neuroscience with cultural practices as a means of understanding phenomena within the human brain that affects the way we view the world and how well human beings optimize their talents and abilities. Due to his expertise, Gino has been sought after to work with 100’s of corporations to facilitate team building, resiliency, human capital, and organizational optimization training.

His work has touched the lives of professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, as well as the UFC. The brain systems and maps he has created have paved the path to break several mental chains that held top performing athletes back from achieving their goals as well as serving corporate athletes with the ability to multi-task and meet quarterly initiatives with ease and poise. He is a member of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Hispanic Advisory Council, where he works to promote community wellness and safety with the assistance of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department.

As COO of Finance CAPE, Collura drives the CAPE mission forward to consistently enhance the lives of every individual our team interacts with and ensures that they are served with tier one care, concern, and attention. Gino thrives off of seeing our clients attain their goals, reach financial freedom, and truly be the best version of themselves.