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Our distinctive business solutions provide business owners with access to the expertise, tools, and talent necessary to run their companies more effectively and efficiently. Although you don’t have to use any of our other services, our business solutions are designed to work in direct coordination with our tax and wealth management offerings. That way you can maximize overall savings and wealth creation. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

How Do We Increase Your Revenue?

Your business deserves to thrive! Our experience has shown us that the majority of companies are missing out on thousands of hard-earned dollars due to lack of knowledge! It all boils down to what you know. Traditionally successful companies know how to market and deliver their product of service. How many successful companies take time to go and learn about strategies that could cut their expenses? Where would they turn to gather that information… that knowledge? Tax professionals can help with tax strategies, but do they? Do they proactively provide solutions to reduce your tax burden or do they simply prepare your tax return? Your HR team? Who on your team knows how to recover dollars taken via price fixing or collusion? Who on your team is in charge of seeking out cutting edge solutions to reduce your expenses to provide maximum profitably? Fortune 500 companies have entire teams of people that do this all day every day. Does your company? BusinessCAPE had to create an industry in order to provide the solutions referenced below because there is no industry at this time that provides the solutions we can provide for you.

At no cost to you, we review your company’s expenses, taxes, debts and eligibility for class action asset recovery. We typically find 20%-40% in increased profitability which can boost your cash flow and lead to massive business growth.  We find and implement these savings, settlements, and incentives, all without any up-front cost to you.

Getting Started is Easy!

  1. Complete and submit our Business Evaluation Request form.
  2. We work with you to learn any additional facets of your business that are needed for our evaluations.
  3. We invest our own time and resources to research your eligibility for class-action settlements and other previous overcharges, as well as audit your current expenses and taxes.
  4. After reporting our findings to you, we implement the necessary steps for your cost recovery and savings to occur, and manage it all for you.
  5. After reporting our findings to you, we implement the necessary steps for your cost recovery and savings to occur, and manage it all for you.

Our Proven Process

  • Step 1: Recover Past and Future Expenses

    What does it mean to recover past and future expenses? Is that even possible?

    Recover Past Expenses:

    Did you know that Visa & MasterCard have settled on a $5.7B class action lawsuit and if your company accepted Visa or MasterCard you may be eligible to receive a portion of the proceeds from this settlement? How much are you eligible for? Who at your business was supposed to notify you of this? I’ll do you one better… How much did you receive back from the 2003 settlement? You didn’t know about it? It was over $3,000,000,000 dollars…. This reinforces a point that businesses run their business. Your business can not possibly keep up with every opportunity that you may be eligible for. Did you know that There are 18+ currently ongoing class-actions each with settlements of between $10M – $5.7B that you could qualify for. To find out if any of these settlements would apply to your company simply

    Recover Future Expenses:

    Now that is a puzzling phrase now isn’t it. What if I told you that their is a strategy that exists that could enable you to retain 50-75% of the dollars you are currently spending on expenses by creating an Expense CAPE… Allow me to rephrase. Let us say in this example that Company XYZ pays $100k on their office space, $200k on payroll, and $100k on product per year. That would total $400k per year. If expenses stayed exactly the same for 10 years, how much money would they have left over from paying those bills for 10 years? You would have spent $4M on those expenses and would be left with Zero dollars right?! Our Expense CAPE is a banking strategy that creates a funnel the money runs through and after 10 years your company would not be left with, lets be conservative and say $2,000,000-$3,000,000. Sounds amazing… Why haven’t you heard of this before? There have been variations of this solution for decades. A wise man once said, “Knowledge is Power, only after it has been Applied!”

  • Step 2: Expense Reduction and Workplace Efficiency

    Next, we work on your Expense Reduction & Workplace Efficiency for forward savings.

    There are only two ways to increase profitability. Increase Revenue, or Cut expenses. Expense efficiency is the process of breaking down every expense you have and running it through our screening process to provide reductions and reduce overages to maximize profits with little to no work on your part. As an example we performed a  worker’s compensation audit on a company in Tampa Florida to maximize savings within the rules for the business owner. We successfully reduced their cost from $80,000 to $34,000, dropping the additional $44,000 onto their bottom line! Our team has an arsenal of tools and information at their disposal, including the ability to monitor and analyze real-time data on the suppliers’ markets, a global network of specialists for cost benchmarks, and access to the latest innovations in your suppliers’ industries. For a second set of eyes on your company, we offer a free review process that identifies opportunities and provides the steps needed to reduce your expenses & increase profits.

    Few people on this planet understand the truth behind interest. Many people think that they understand how it works, but the vast majority of Business Owners, Officers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, and Consultants truly understand how much havoc paying interest affects your bottom line. Ask yourself, how much debt do you currently have? Write down the answer, then ask yourself if I continue to pay down that debt on the schedule that I am currently paying it down… how much will I end up paying? Are the numbers the same? When you operate on an amortization schedule or finance anything in your business the actual dollars that leave your hands is a number far greater than that purchase price you’ve logged in your head. Think about it, using round numbers, a $500,000 building paid over 30 years @ 5% interest leaves you paying $966k over the life of the loan! Would you have bought the building for $966k if that was the purchase price? We know what you’re saying, “We couldn’t pay cash it was our only option!”. Would it shock you if I told you that is exactly what the institutions that collect interest from you want you to say? What If we could show you how to completely pay off all of your Business Debt including your mortgage in 4 years or less by simply adjusting the way you pay your debt and taxes.

    If your business would run more profitable without debt, how do you think your employees would feel to be debt free without having to change their spending, only the way they pay down their debt and taxes? Workplace efficiency is a process where we come provide a Lunch & Learn experience centered around getting your employees out of debt in 9 years or less, thus increasing workplace efficiency, cutting down on pressure for raises, and drastically reduces the time employees spend on personal finance on the job. Happier employees = increased production!

    Our team has an arsenal of tools and information at their disposal, including the ability to monitor and analyze real-time data on the suppliers’ markets, a global network of specialists for cost benchmarks, and access to the latest innovations in your suppliers’ industries.

    At the end of the day, what your business has left is a set of expenses that was negotiated and shopped down to the lowest price point, is audited for monthly overcharges, and continuously monitored for future savings.

  • Step 3: Apply Advanced Tax Planning Strategies

    The last step is Demanding More from your Tax Professional!  We as a society lean on our accountant or CPA for tax advice… but how many of them actually provide proactive tax advice?! Have you ever been told about a solution that accelerates depreciation on your building freeing up cash to reinvest into your business? Why not? Wouldn’t that be considered a tax strategy? Why wasn’t that shared? Literally the only reason I can see for that solution not to be shared with a client is the amount of work it would require the accountant to do to implement the solution. Well couldn’t they charge extra for it? Sure but it falls outside of habits, and things that operate outside of a professionals normal habits increase the work, efficiency and probability of mistakes. They record history, they prepare tax returns, are they really supposed to provide proactive tax strategies? When are they supposed to have the time to research and offer them.

    Here at BusinessCAPE we are raising the bar on Tax Professionals! We have built a portal that will allow CPA’s to offer the most cutting edge proactive advanced tax planning strategies that they have heard of or know of, but choose not to use because of the amount of work it would require should they choose to offer these solutions to you! Our portal will allow them to become Tax Strategies, & finally put an end to CPA’s only being required to record history on a return! We will show you the differences and insure your Tax Professional is using every solution available to cut down on your tax bill.. if they are unwilling to offer the best of the best… We will introduce you to one that will! To be 100% sure you have access to every advanced tax strategy you’re eligible for